Tuesday, April 4, 2017


UPDATE at 10:15pm

Franklin County has one holdout precinct.  We guestimate about 261 votes, or one percent of the total district vote.  This thing is over.  Congratulations to the two new John A. Logan College Board members!  The new trustees will be Mandy Little and Becky Borgsmiller.  We are hopeful that they will usher in a new era of transparency, integrity and good will at the College.  Good night all!

Borgsmiller Ellis Little Orrill percent in
Jackson 2,810 1,219 1,599 1,247 100.00%
Williamson 2,798 1,549 2,027 1,362 100.00%
Franklin 386 862 849 251 90.00%
Perry 661 378 476 377 100.00%
Randolph 51 41 41 28 100.00%

6,706 4,049 4,992 3,265 99.35%

Borgsmiller 6,706 35.3%
Ellis 4,049 21.3%
Little 4,992 26.3%
Orrill 3,265 17.2%

UPDATE at 9:54m

With only 2% of the vote outstanding, about 496 votes, Becky Borgsmiller and Mandy Little have insurmountable leads, in our unofficial tally. 

Borgsmiller 6,479 35.05%
Ellis 3,993 21.60%
Little 4,835 26.15%
Orrill 3,179 17.20%

Two Jackson and one Franklin County precincts are still to be counted. 

UPDATE at 9:27pm

Borgsmiller Ellis Little Orrill percent in
Jackson 2,583 1,163 1,442 1,161 96.43%
Williamson 2,798 1,549 2,027 1,362 100.00%
Franklin 386 862 849 251 90.00%
Perry 661 378 476 377 100.00%
Randloph 51 41 41 28 100.00%

6,479 3,993 4,835 3,179 98.05%


UPDATE at 9:17pm

Borgsmiller Ellis Little Orrill percent in
Jackson 2,188 958 1,183 973 82.14%
Williamson 2,798 1,549 2,027 1,362 100.00%
Franklin 386 862 849 251 90.00%
Perry 302 180 211 188 68.42%
Randloph 51 41 41 28 100.00%

5,725 3,590 4,311 2,802 88.96%

UPDATE at 9:04pm: 

Borgsmiller Ellis Little Orrill percent in
Jackson 2,188 958 1,183 973 82.14%
Williamson 2,798 1,549 2,027 1,362 100.00%
Franklin 133 309 324 85 30.00%
Perry 302 180 211 188 68.42%
Randloph 51 41 41 28 100.00%

5,472 3,037 3,786 2,636 85.06%

As we've done in the past, we will attempt to live blog election results.  These are a combination of tabulations from news sites, such as WSIL and the Southern Illinoisan and the various county websites, in the district.  Polls closed at 7pm. Results are now coming in. 

Borgsmiller Ellis Little Orrill total vote so far
Jackson 512 225 214 215 1,166
Williamson 0 0 0 0 0
Franklin 133 309 324 85 851
Perry 302 180 211 188 881
Randloph 0 0 0 0 0

947 714 749 488 2,898

Borgsmiller Ellis Little Orrill percent in
Jackson 512 225 214 215 17.54%
Williamson 0 0 0 0 0.00%
Franklin 133 309 324 85 30.00%
Perry 302 180 211 188 68.42%
Randloph 0 0 0 0 0.00%

947 714 749 488 14.61%

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


The John A. Logan College Board of Trustees met last night.  To observe the meeting, or to read the Southern Illinoisan article about it, you would think few, if any, in the Logan community have a sense of history.  Last night was the last meeting for student trustee Christina Lipe.  It was one year ago that then student trustee Brandi Husch, at her last board meeting, exposed the Board as cowards and sneaks.  As readers may recall, Ms. Husch was cut off by Board chair Don Brewer when reading her farewell statement.  In that statement, she attempted to charge that a Board member, in closed session, had attempted to intimidate her with a dossier of incidents in her pre-student life.  The video, if you've forgotten or not seen it, is here.  It has been viewed over 9,600 times on various platforms.  No mention of the incident, or Ms. Husch, was made last night. 

Absent were Board members Bill Kilquist and Jake Rendleman.  Absent also was any sense of outrage on the part of the unions, given that the massacre of staff took place just 12 months ago.  The representatives of the full time faculty, part time faculty and operational staff all seemed to fall all over themselves making nice with the Board. 

The Southern Illinoisan apparently had a reporter present as they reported on a (single) item from the meeting, the bond issue.  No article appeared after the previous meeting, when former history professor Helen Nall made a plea for the reinstatement of history professor David Cochran.  That meeting also saw former psychology professor Gary Caldwell read a letter from 13 retired faculty expressing their lack of confidence in President Ron House and the Board of Trustees.  It was met with silence from the region's major news sources. 

Last night, Mr. Caldwell spoke again.  He asked several questions regarding the upcoming Higher Learning Commission visit.  Among them:  Will there be an opportunity for the public, faculty and students to address the visiting HLC team?  Caldwell finally managed to extract a 'yes'.  Will the date, time and place be posted, in adequate time?  This answer was fuzzy.  Vice President Melanie Pecord repeatedly said, "It's on Announce.  ...It will be on Announce."  Announce is apparently a listserv for faculty and staff, a wholly inadequate means of communicating with students or the public. The consensus, eventually, was that it will be on the Board website. 

Caldwell also took the opportunity to point out that Shawnee College is advertising for two full time history professors.  He found it ironic that such a small school could hire two, while John A. Logan has no full time history teachers.  Chairman Brewer's response was that he found it ironic that Shawnee, with 80% part time faculty, could afford to hire full time teachers.  He ignored any reference to the College, for which he is Board chair, and the fact that his school now has zero full time history teachers. 

We will close with a quote from the school's press release.  It assumes you have no access to a newspaper or the internet. 

Brewer noted that last year was a difficult time with layoffs within the College, but, he said, most community colleges in Illinois had to layoff more employees than JALC did because of the state’s budget statement. “No one wants layoffs, but when there is no other choice, you want those layoffs to be as limited as possible,” Brewer said. “We survived very well compared to other colleges.”

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


A reader has pointed out that many may be unable to post comments, at least when using Safari.  We've done a little research at several websites and it turns out this Safari/Blogger issue has been a problem for years.   

We've tested four browsers tonight:  Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mobile Safari.  We tried Firefox, IE and Chrome all on a PC.  One can successfully post comments, in Blogger, from each of these.  Our understanding is that mobile device users, using a browser other than Safari and/or accessing our blog from a website rather than mobile app should not have problems. However, we were as unsuccessful as anyone else, when using Safari on a mobile Apple device. 

With further research, and some more testing, we discovered a solution, though you won't like it (we don't either!).  We don't understand the technical issue, so we won't attempt to explain it.  Here's what you can do on your iPhone or iPad:  Go to
  • Settings
  • Safari
  • Privacy & Security
  • Block Cookies
  • Change the setting to Never
Most of you probably have 'Block Cookies' set to "From third parties and advertisers".  Blocking third party cookies prevents the script from running that allows the comment to post (as near as we understand).  Changing the setting to "Never" will allow you to post comments to Blogger.  Assuming you won't be constantly posting comments to this blog, or others, you can then set Safari back to blocking cookies from third parties and advertisers.  Told you you wouldn't like the solution!