Tuesday, October 27, 2015

So, if they knew he wasn't dissing Logan, why was he sacked?

Well, it appears journalism is alive and well in southern Illinois.  Maybe it just takes a politician forcing a reporter to file a FOIA to get the journalistic juices flowing.  In any event, Channel 3 has clearly decided to start looking under rocks.  Good for them! 

Maybe instead of replacing the president, the BOT should have been reconsidering their choice of attorney. 

UPDATE:  An interesting quote, from the ICCB minutes referenced in the news article linked to above:  "Chairman Giannoulias expressed disappointment in the actions of JALC. He went on to say that the College’s President, Dr. Mike Dreith, has been extremely helpful and worked very hard in trying to investigate this matter and come up with solutions. Dr. Dreith has been a very strong and ethical leader during this difficult time and the ICCB Board appreciates his leadership."

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Campus coup has real costs

Presumably, anyone reading this blog already knows that the John A. Logan College Board of Trustees removed President Mike Dreith, officially, last night.  The legal fig leaf is that he has resigned.  And bully for him; he gets a healthy severance package.  

It seems that some members of the Logan BOT have never wanted Dreith.  As time has went on, the cost of their desired result has increased.  His original contract had a buyout clause that would have allowed his termination, without cause, with a payout equal to only six months' pay.  According to a copy of his contract published by the Southern Illinoisan, it appears that Dreith made $177,979.00 per year.  Six months' worth of that would have been $88,989.50.  However, the Board has voted to pay him a total of $290,000 not to work.   

We will be told that appearances are deceiving because the $290,000 figure covers a 20 month period.  OK.  But he still will not be working for the College.  Ron House will be Interim President.  Board Chairman Don Brewer says the search for a permanent replacement will only take nine months and that House will only make $4000.00 a month.  OK.  Four thousand dollars times nine months is $36,000.00, in addition to what they'll have to pay Drieth. 

If the cost is to come from contingency funds, is this the best use of those funds?  The state budget process is in chaos and higher education is expected to take one of the biggest hits, when the Governor and General Assembly finally settle.  Weren't those funds for a rainy day?  

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Drieth looking. SIU down and looking for yet another interim chancellor

Well, we've been in hibernation.  Readers, here, apparently have not.  We see comments, on old posts, over the last several months.  Well, here is some fresh news to chew on: 

Southern Illinoisan: JALC president is a finalist for job in Kansas  The subtitle was, "Report:  Dreith called decision to take JALC post 'worst mistake'

And, over in Jackson County, Southern Illinoisan: SIU Enrollment drop leads to $5.3M loss

In other news: Daily Egyptian: Dunn could be done with double duty soon  What the article doesn't point out is that Koropchak was also a vice chancellor and dean of the Graduate School.  ...They also skipped a bit of the search history.  The BOT reinterviewed TWO of the Chancellor candidates, not just the "preferred" one.  That left current interim provost Susan Ford (Koropchak's interim successor at the Graduate School) apparently still holding the fort.