Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Drieth looking. SIU down and looking for yet another interim chancellor

Well, we've been in hibernation.  Readers, here, apparently have not.  We see comments, on old posts, over the last several months.  Well, here is some fresh news to chew on: 

Southern Illinoisan: JALC president is a finalist for job in Kansas  The subtitle was, "Report:  Dreith called decision to take JALC post 'worst mistake'

And, over in Jackson County, Southern Illinoisan: SIU Enrollment drop leads to $5.3M loss

In other news: Daily Egyptian: Dunn could be done with double duty soon  What the article doesn't point out is that Koropchak was also a vice chancellor and dean of the Graduate School.  ...They also skipped a bit of the search history.  The BOT reinterviewed TWO of the Chancellor candidates, not just the "preferred" one.  That left current interim provost Susan Ford (Koropchak's interim successor at the Graduate School) apparently still holding the fort. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Time for a Fresh Start at Logan

On Friday, April 3, The Southern Illinois endorsed Ray Hancock, Brad Heuring, and Mandy Little for the three open positions on the John A Logan Board of Trustees. This election for the Logan Board on Tuesday, April 7 gives the college a unique opportunity to elect 3 new people to the Board.

As the Southern Illinois stated, John A Logan is facing a deficit of “anywhere between $2.5 million and $3.8 million” in the next fiscal year.  There are many contributing factors to this perfect financial storm. First, although enrollment at the college has remained steady over the last several years, the number of credit hours taken by those attending students has dropped steadily over the last 5 years.  Second, the State of Illinois most certainly will reduce its contribution to the college this coming year because of its financial condition.  Third, and perhaps the biggest factor, John A Logan can no longer count the health credit hours generated at Logan’s Community Health Center.  The credit hours generated at the Health Center represented $1.7 million in revenue for Logan in the last 5 years.

So, with these daunting financial challenges it is refreshing to see the possibility of electing a brand new slate of Board members. On Monday, March 2, the John A Logan Political Science Department sponsored a candidate forum. In attendance were Bill Alstat, Ray Hancock, Brad Heuring, Mandy Little, and John Sanders. Jake Rendleman chose not to attend and participate in the forum.  At the forum Hancock, Heuring, Little, and Sanders each demonstrated that they not only understood that challenges John A Logan is facing today, but they also articulated a passion for the quality education that John A Logan provides.  Alstat has a nice resume, but didn’t communicate an understanding or passion about education.  Rendleman just didn’t show up, maybe that shows us how important education is to him.

Since the forum, John Sanders has been appointed to the State Board of Education and has resigned from Logan’s Board.  Sanders has been a good Board member and will be missed. But Sanders departure gives voters in Logan’s district to elect brand new people to the Board for the first time in many years.  Let this be a change election and elect a new slate of candidates who can bring new vision and ideas to John A Logan College.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Using Logan's logo

Driving around Williamson County, this weekend, one sees lot's of yard signs popping up like crocus.  Many are for candidates to be on John A. Logan's Board of Trustees.

A couple questions spring to mind.  One, is it permissable to use the Logan logo in partisan ads?  Two, if not, why are current Board chair Jake Rendleman and former president Ray Hancock displaying the Logan logo on their yard signs?

It gives the impression that their campaigns have an institutional endorsement.  If it is not OK to be doing this, when will Steve O'Keefe and/or the Logan legal counsel be insisting that Mr. Rendleman and Dr. Hancock cease and desist?