Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

It's been just over a year since Muddy Williamson first appeared in the blogosphere following the JALC Board of Trustees Candidates Forum in February 2013.  We've made 58 posts, had over 350 comments, and are closing in on 27,000 hits! 


Our original purpose of changing the face of the JALC Board of Trustees was accomplished with the defeat of John O'Keefe and the election of Cheryl Graff.

Board members with integrity continue to step up to deal with the antics of Brewer, Rendleman and Kilquist.  It's not perfect, but it's better.


We will leave this blog open for comments, but we won't be making additional posts for now.  Before the cheering from our detractors starts, remember that we have had an impact.   JALC taxpayers will continue to keep a watchful eye on the Board.  And there will be more elections and just like Arnold, Muddy Williamson will be back.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hiring in the Hood

Lest our readers think we only acknowledge differences of opinion between our John A BOT and, well, everyone else involved with the college, let’s take a moment to feel sorry for every single person who attends or works at SIU.

Today the DE website has published the apparently-leaked results of the search for a new prez. The secretive search process and lack of opportunity for participation ruffled many feathers. Searches for less-exalted positions offer open session where constituents can listen to and ask questions of candidates. This time around, no names were even released. That just already smells bad.

Where is the DE getting such inside information? Who is mostly likely to be unsupportive of this guy? Why is he willing to leave his current position after only 7 months? Why did Murry State get rid of him? Why was this session held when two key board members were not present?

This is all just to point out that it isn’t just JAL. Other boards appear to have ethical “issues” too. Not much comfort, maybe. SIU students, grads, and employees, we know how it feels to have friends and colleauges throughout the state call and say “what’s going on down there?!” Enrollments not going to go up as long as the perception of SIU as a divided, chaotic, political mess just keeps getting reinforced.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Coronation in the near future?

We're hearing that one of the out-of-district VPs is planning his/her retirement, leaving room for the ascension of … Clay Brewer to VP! Of what? Doesn't matter!!! C'mon, he's CLAY BREWER!!

His preparation has consisted of securing nearly unlimited power to the Personnel Office (all approved quietly by the BOT of course... if not instigated by them) , sending those essential reminder e-mails about changing the clocks for daylite saving time, and playing hundreds of rounds of golf.

Is it inevitable? Will there be some charade of a "search" or will he simply be anointed by Brewer Senior? Can those board members with convictions and ethics muster the will to challenge it? Will the public have anything to say about the way CB was hired, promoted, given enormously increased control over applications and hiring, and allowed to arrive mid-morning and leave mid-afternoon?

Stay tuned.